Pymatuning Lake Rentals

Cabin & Cottages Rentals at Pymatuning Lake, PA.

Outside Pics and Amenities

We have a Shared Pavilion with our other cottage

next door - "Big Leach". There's 3 Gas Grills, 2 Picnic Tables, and additional Lawn Chairs for outdoor seating, while cooking and eating dinner......

Also we installed a new Fire Pit with bench seating around it to relax and talk. Lots of yard space to run around and play too and a swing set for the kids to have fun on.

So why should you select to stay here?????....

* More affordable than other cottages in the Pymatuning area,

*Located in a great area in the Pymatuning Lake area - Near Espyville,

* Orchard Access road directly to the Lake at the end of Leach Rd.,

* 5-Minutes to the Espyville Marina, Causeway, Espyville area and more,

* Large lot to enjoy and play around on,

* Fire Pit area to sit around and talk about the "Big One" that got away,

* Pretty quiet area year round, Except 4th of July, ( a few bangs on that day),

* Swing Set for the kids to play on,

* Horse Shoe Pits - (Coming Soon)

*Screened in porch to chill out on with out getting bit up by the bugs,

* Well maintained yard and landscaping,

* 3- Gas Grill to use for those great catches you got when out on the lake,

* Shared Pavilion with our Rental Cottage next door "Big Leach"

* Picnic Tables to sit around outside,

*Benches around the fire pit,

* Clean, Comfortable, Cozy....

* Oh, did I say more affordable too.......

So..... If you're looking for a really cute and cool place to send a few days or week while you're visiting the Pymatuning area,.... Please consider our "Lil"- Leach Dr. Rental Property... You will be pleasantly surprised....

Please Note, we do all bookings and reservations through VRBO or Just click on the link above in Green Shade, and it will take you directly to this listing... Check out the calendar and select a time period to stay with us... All Pricing is listed too...... Thanks for your consideration....

We Look Forward to Having You Stay with US!!!!!!

2 Bedroom & Bath

This is a 2 Bedroom unit, with a bedroom on each end... Currently, there is a full size bed in each room, but we are thinking about adding a Twin/Full Bunk bed to one of the rooms and pulling out the current full size bed... This will add one more sleeping spot for someone..

Add the day bed on the front porch, and you can easily sleep 6 people... Add floor space.... and you can sleep more..

Clean, Cozy and totally nice inside... This place does not look like or act like a trailer/mobile home.... It's as nice as our other "Stick-Built" Cottages.

This is perfect for a group of 4-6 people, with a Day Bed on the porch, TV and more.... 2 locations to watch TV, so if there are kids they can still see cartoons, as the adults watch sports or cooking show....

Nice Clean bathroom, nice size kitchen, all fully equipped... All the comforts of home.....

"Lil-Leach" Cottage

1996 Leach Road, Espyville, PA.

We purchased this property spring of 2015, in the Pymatuning Lake area... and I'm sure some will think, "Yuck,  its a Mobile Home....."  Well, its a really nice mobile home sitting on

3 lots, really clean, really cozy and really nice...

We purchased the property off a really nice couple who owned it for 4 years and they really took nice care of it... I know it's not some cute "A-Frame" or "Stick-Built" home, but it's a nice place to go to, where you can sit back and relax....

"Lil-Leach" - Cottage Rental